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Office photos – post earthquake

So to enable us to continue operation three brave lads from the office made the scary trip back into our building – which is still ‘yellow stickered’ at this stage – to get some more computers and the essential files we need for day to day admin.

Here’s some photos of what it looks like on the inside:

post earthquake

This is the view out the window towards the Port Hills, is it my imagination or are those two tall buildings on a slight lean……?

big crack in the wall

A lovely big crack in the wall (apparently it’s safe, glad it’s not near my desk….!)

wall cracks

More cracks – makes my insides turn liquid just looking at them…

We’re not sure when we will be back in the building but will keep you all posted, in the meantime it’s business as usual from Mike’s lounge.

Remember, if you want to see some other interesting earthquake stuff read our other blogs and follow some of the links.

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