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An exciting new project for F & A

Lake HoodWe are proud to announce our appointment as consultants for the Lake Hood Extension Project and are very excited about the prospect of being involved with such a unique development in Canterbury.

The current Lake Hood development (Stage I) comprises 150 allotments and 70 hectares of lake. It has proven to be a great asset to the Ashburton District, providing a wonderful recreation destination, in particular for water activities such as rowing, sailing and water skiing although the land based activities are also being continually developed.

We will be responsible for the design and implementation of the subdivisional development component of the Lake Hood Extension. This extension will comprise an additional 350 new allotments, made up of standard residential, medium density residential (apartments/townhouses) and rural-residential allotments.

We commend the original trust members who had the vision to initiate the Lake Hood Development and now the ‘like-minded’ group who are responsible for expanding the lake and its associated community.

We were thrilled to win this competitive tender process, the emphasis of our presentation was on our design skills and obviously the Board of the Lake Hood Extension Project thought this was needed on such a distinctive development.

For our readers who have not been to the site we encourage you to visit Lake Hood located in Huntingdon (south east of Tinwald/Ashburton). There is good signage off SH1 and is well worth the visit to get a glimpse of what is currently there and visualise what is yet to come!

Lake Hood Map

Keep your eyes open for how this project is progressing in our future newsletters.

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