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Thanks Sandra and mates from Vodafone

Fox & Associates is based on Level 13 of the PriceWaterhouseCoopers building. It’s well inside the Earthquake CBD cordon and access is impossible at the moment.

Just before midday today I received a phone call from Sandra at Vodafone.  Our business is on the same floor as their sales team in Christchurch, and they have some equipment there that runs the cell site on the roof.  They were allowed emergency access to get their cell site working again.

So, Sandra rang to say they’re on our floor and can they bring anything out for us.

And sitting at home tonight, we’ve got our survey equipment (Our RTK GPS set, our iBase GPS rover, the S6 total station, dataloggers, batteries, chargers) a couple of laptops, a camera, our most recent backup off the server.  They even picked up a couple of cameras and the cellphone that connects to iBAse. Brilliant.

It’s a lot of kit – Sandra and her mates from Vodafone were awesome, carried it all down 13 sets of stairs, and dropped it off at home.  I can’t thank them enough.

Thanks Sandra and your mates from Vodafone. You’re awesome.

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