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Drama with Telecom

Oh, the drama we’ve had with Telecom! Suffice it to say that most of the Telecom people I dealt with were very nice. But it’s obviously such a bohemoth that they dont really know what they’re doing. At one stage I got transferred to one section of Telecom “because they’ll be able to sort it out”. I was on hold for about 20 minutes only to be told, “Sorry, I cant touch your account here”!

In the end they got the last bit right, but then told me they’d done it wrong. And to top it all off after it was all sorted out today I finally had a call returned from last week. Horribly inefficient.

Now given our recent dealings with Vodafone, we will be going back. But at the moment it’s impossible to get certain dates transferring lines between the telcos, so we’ll stay with Telecom until the dust settles. Apparently it’s the governments fault for splitting Telecom up. Good one Telecom. Sorry Vodafone. We’ll be back.

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