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New look, new logo

If you’ve seen any material from us lately (anything from a plan to an invoice) you’ll notice that we’ve changed our logo. Not a great dramatic change, but a refinement of the previous one.

This is a change that started way back before the earth shook, and we’re pleased with the final result. We thought we’d share some of the thought behind the logo.

The background texture is indicative of the geology that lies under land, it’s a reminder to look beyond the surface to what lies beneath, not just with geology, but with vegetation, ownership, land-use, community and owners aspirations.  It’s a reminder that there’s always layers.

We’ve rounded some corners on the box, because boxes are a bit rigid and unforgiving.  It creates a sense of movement to the top right. No, it’s not a political aspiration, but rather creates a dynamic, which is what we want to do and be.

And you’ll have noticed the new ‘tag-line’: design, develop, deliver. We call these “the 3Ds”. The 3Ds came as a flash of brilliance from Rebecca (thanks Rebecca!).

We think the 3Ds are what we’re good at – more than other surveyors we can bring to your project excellence in design. We can help you with the whole of your development (not just the surveying). And we believe in delivering this for our clients, the marketplace and the wider community.

We’ve rolled the logo out onto a brand new website (which fully integrates our blog for the first time), our plan forms, letters and invoices (gotta love those invoices!). We’ve got our new office signage up and next the vehicles are due for a makeover. And last week, we finally took delivery of some new fluoro fieldwork shirts.

We’ve had help with the logo over the years and we’d like to thank Grant Nelson of G & A Nelson Design for the original logo concept some years ago, Marty Anderson of Outside the Square for his stimulating proposals and discussions about  what makes a logo work and Wendy Riley-Biddle of Hot Pyjama Productions for being able to corral our thoughts and deliver the final result.

Welcome to the new look Fox & Associates.

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