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Burwood in the snow

All of us here at Fox & Associates enjoy our surveying, and it’s normally pretty standard stuff.  Our field work allows us to enjoy the outdoors and it’s often a pleasant working environment. 

However, today’s a bit different.  The local health board required accurate levels in their surgery rooms at Burwood hospital.  We’ve been into the surgical building recently, but access to the rooms is constrained by their surgery program. 

And that’s why Dave Patterson and I found ourselves outside Burwood this morning at 7:30am.  The whole portion of the building is sterile so we were required to gown up and the level, legs and staff had a sponge bath!

Working inside the building is quiet pleasant and the staff were very helpful.  Here’s a photo of Dave in one of the surgeries…








Which reminds me:
Q: why is a hospital gown like insurance?  
A: Because you only think you’re covered!

The final part of the leveling requires us to revisit the benchmark outside to check the accuracy of the work.  This was the view when we opened the door…









So we went from one of the most controlled sterile environments, to surveying in the snow – Fantastic!


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