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Spires Scuplture

The Press recently featured an article titled ‘Conjuring Space and Freedom’ about a project being undertaken by a group of Christchurch individuals and companies for the benefit of the Christchurch Community.

This project is being led by renowned sculptor Neil Dawson (the same person who brought us ‘The Chalice’) and has been hugely supported by Helen Trappitt of Lewis Bradford Engineers.

Helen in her search for other supporters contacted us, gave us an overview of what the project was about and asked for our assistance with the project.  It did not take long for us to say yes, nor for us to contact other companies and invite them to join the group, volunteer their services or materials to make this project a viable reality.

The result of this effort is that Christchurch will see a great new sculpture erected in Latimer Square with work scheduled for the last quarter of 2013.

“Spires” will be a 10m high sculpture suspended 4-5m above the ground.  It is a sculpture inspired by the spire of the Christchurch Cathedral and can be interpreted as a reflection of that memory.

Sculptor Neil Dawson works on “Spires” in his Christchurch workshop

The sculpture, in a nice twist of fate, will provide a visual link between the old Christchurch Cathedral and the new Cardboard Cathedral.

We are proud to part of such a positive project and as Neil said “it goes to show what can be done when you decide to do something before being asked to do it”.

Sculptor Neil Dawson works on “Spires” in his Christchurch workshop

At Fox & Associates we have a tradition of supporting the arts.  We have been long term sponsors of ‘Sculpture on the Peninsula’, an outdoor sculpture exhibition which is due to be held again in November 2013 – with the proceeds of this amazing event being donated to Cholmondeley Home.  For further information on ‘Sculpture on the Peninsula’ go to

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