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Burnside West Presidents Grade Cricket Team 2012/2013 Winners!

By David Fox.

I was passionate enough about the game to spend many hours earlier this year as a Sec. 274 party pushing the case for Hagley Oval to become a venue for Test Cricket (I just couldn’t bear the thought of the naysayers winning and me not having done my bit to try and achieve a positive outcome – it should have been a no brainer!)

Having been a member of the Burnside West Cricket Club for 50 years and struggling to maintain a position in the senior team in the early 1960’s with cricketers like Graham Dowling, Brian Hasting and the indefatigable Tony Timpson leading  the senior team, but mainly as a Presidents grade player for 35 years, it seemed that I should put something back into the game.

Fox and Associates having been sponsoring the BWUC Presidents grade team for a number of years now and this year with teams required to come up with a name we were unexpectedly done the honour of having the BWUCC calling themselves The Foxes– and to top this off, by winning the last game of the season The Foxes finished up being the competition winners of the 2012/2013 Presidents grade!  How good is that for a sponsor?  There are many talented players in the team and they achieved wonderful results, well done guys.


Go the Foxes!

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