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Sculpture on the Peninsula 2013

Venue:  Loudon – the farm owned by Philip and Sarah at the head of the Harbour.
Opening Night:  Friday the 8th November and then all day Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th.

This is an opportunity to be part of a great weekend.  Seize the opportunity to take yourself, your children, or grandchildren to an artistic event and picnic (if you so choose) in charming rural surrounds only minutes from the centre of Town.

Sculpture on the Peninsula is bi-annual event and once more it is our pleasure to be one of the major sponsors.

Fox & Associates are sponsors:  Why?  Well there are a number of reasons:

  • Some might think that once you are “on board” as a sponsor it is hard to get off but no, we are sponsors because as a company we like to give something back to the community.  There could not be a much better activity to support than Sculpture on the Peninsula where all the profits from this cultural and community weekend go to Cholmondeley Home.
  • Philip King and Sarah Ayton are a generous and charming couple who have once again made their homestead available and who by their example, encourage others to be charitable.
  • The profit gained from the modest entry fees, plus the money garnered from those regular attendees with deep pockets (those who love to compete against their friends when Joe Bennett winds up the auction!) goes to a great cause – Cholmondeley Home.
  • The Cholmondeley Children’s Home provides short-term respite care for children aged 3–12 years, with the aim of alleviating immediate family pressures which exist for children and their parents when the usual supports are not enough or not available.

I hope you have an opportunity to visit the farm and to view the many sculptures that will be on display – so bring your children to Loudon, it may awaken that artistic streak lurking within them.

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