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Resource Management Amendments 2013

Looks like there is some progress in dealing with our bureaucratic and costly planning system

The Resource Management Act was brought into play in 1991 with the purpose of regulating development and protecting the environment.  It was to be effects based, and so free up and enable development to proceed where the effects on the environment were considered to be minor.  We all know the difficulties, the uncertainties and the cost of the RMA process.  We will have observed how legal offices have blossomed and prospered since 1991, many having grown as a result of the complicated legal and appeals process created by the 1991 RMA.

The Key Government as part of its election programme undertook to simplify the planning procedures, to reduce costs and to speed up the process.

The Resource Management Reform Act 2013 was passed into law in August this year (RMRA).

If you wish to view the MfE Fact Sheet 1 which gives an overview of the Resource Management Amendments 2013 please follow this link:

Fact sheet 3 will be of particular interest to those involved in making a notified planning application.

It is noted the Councils’ will only be able to make one Sec.92 request for further information.

Fox & Associates will be only too happy to discuss with you issues arising out of the RMRA 2013 that you consider relevant to your circumstances.

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