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Heads in the Clouds

Here at Fox & Associates we’ve recently made a change to how we manage ourselves.  For some time now we’ve used a server based product to track our time and costs, and to do our accounting.

This month we’ve made the change to Xero for accounting and WorkFlowMax for project management.  We’ve been contemplating this change for about 18 months, and earlier this year we finally found a timesheet module called Endgame timesheets that met our requirements (in our opinion if you’re using WorkFlowMax, then you need to use Endgame timesheets for data entry – it’s so much better).

So, why make the change?

We’re a bit frustrated with our old product:  It’s relatively pricey because it’s built on SQL server which requires dedicated hardware; despite paying monthly subscriptions, product development has been really slow and largely irrelevant to the portions that we use; lack of communication from the vendor has been frustrating; and even basic windows functionality isn’t built in.

The move to cloud based products means less capital investment is required, which eases cashflow; the products are delivered via a browser so it’s easier to setup, and enables more flexibility; and we’re less dependent on our own physical hardware.

In addition the business model with cloud based products seems to be one of continuous improvement, and dialog with the users to set priorities for future enhancements.

WorkFlowMax also offers us some new functionality for managing our clients and projects, however we still need to grapple with the best way to make it fit to how we want to work.

At this stage we’d like to thank Aaron and Olivia from Duns (our accountants) for their assistance, Andrew from Endgame for tweaking the timesheets package, and our own Rebecca for her hard work in managing the transition.

Anyway, if you’re interested, we’d be happy to show you around WorkFlowMax – give us a call.

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