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Legacy Series: Lake Hood

Through outstanding surveying, engineering and urban design work, we helped create this unique aquatic playground and lakeside residential development.

Lake Hood is a lakeside village for a community of people seeking space, tranquillity, waterfront living and a recreational destination for outdoor and water sport enthusiasts.

The ability to extract high quality roading metal underlying the Lake Hood paddocks, was the economic driver for this development. When completed, the development will include 500 residential sites, a 150ha lake and 135ha of reserve and public land.

In 2011, Fox & Associates were invited to present to the Lake Hood Board. Although only a minnow compared to the three other consultancies (with staff of 80-300), we were chosen to be the lead consultants.

This appointment has given us the opportunity to lead a team resolving unique urban design and development problems and creating high-value house sites on a marina with peninsulas and islands surrounded by water.

The next stage of the development – the Lake Hood Extension Project (LHEP) – will add more than 70ha to the existing reserves, almost doubling the lake size and include planned beaches, canals and islands, dedicated water sport areas, plus a network of walking, cycling and horse riding trails.


Fox & Associates deal with a wide range of projects from boundary definitions to urban design. We don’t have a formula, or a one size fits all approach as every project offers the chance to do something unique or different. 

The projects we take the most pride in are legacy projects. A legacy project is defined as a project that achieves recognition through innovation and is often long-lived, large or complex.

Our Legacy Series aims to share insights and perspectives on some of our favourite legacy projects. But most of all, it’s about inspiring you to unlock and fully realise the potential of your project or land development.

As a growing series, further legacy projects will be added on a regular basis, so keep your eye on our blog, visit our office to see our ‘Legacy Wall’ or join our mailing list for updates.

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