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Legacy Series: Redmund Spur

Through diligent planning and creative subdivision and engineering consultancy work, we’re transforming the lower Port Hills slopes of Redmund Spur into a highly desirable mix of residential housing typology.


Situated on Cashmere Road, between Hoon Hay Valley and Kennedy’s Bush, Redmund Spur is an exclusive hillside residential development that combines an attractive rural outlook with all the advantages of city living.

While we have been working with the developer for some years, it was the review of the Christchurch City Plan, and specifically the Independent Hearing Panel Process, that provided us with a golden opportunity to produce innovative development proposals.

We were absolutely delighted when our proposal to create a mixed density residential hill zone was greeted with enthusiasm by the enlightened council planner leading the District Plan review.

As a result of our submissions, a new site specific Residential Hills Mixed Density zone (RHMD) was created and this will enable us to create 400 building sites on Redmund Spur. 30% of the sites must be 1500m2 or larger, and the other 70% between 650 and 1500m2.

Unique to this development, townhouse development of 3-5 units can be pepper-potted across the Spur while a 3000m2 commercial site will act as a focal point and a place to greet, meet and eat.


Fox & Associates deal with a wide range of projects from boundary definitions to urban design. We don’t have a formula, or a one size fits all approach as every project offers the chance to do something unique or different. 

The projects we take the most pride in are legacy projects. A legacy project is defined as a project that achieves recognition through innovation and is often long-lived, large or complex.

Our Legacy Series aims to share insights and perspectives on some of our favourite legacy projects. But most of all, it’s about inspiring you to unlock and fully realise the potential of your project or land development.

As a growing series, further legacy projects will be added on a regular basis, so keep your eye on our blog, visit our office to see our ‘Legacy Wall’ or join our mailing list for updates.

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