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From Sanatorium to Housing Development: Our Connection to Christchurch’s History

Heritage shelter

Conservationists and historians in Christchurch now have a new reason to celebrate as a rare open-air shelter, which was once part of the Cashmere Sanatorium, has recently been given heritage status. The unique shelter, which was originally used to provide tuberculosis patients with fresh air and sunlight, has a fascinating history to which Fox and Associates are connected.

The historic open-air shelter, now located in the Coronation Reserve, has been given category one status, the highest possible classification on the Heritage New Zealand list. This designation ensures that the shelter will be preserved for generations to come, serving as a reminder of the significant role it played in the medical treatment of tuberculosis and the importance of preserving our history.

The Cashmere Sanatorium from the early 20th Century

Why Is This Site Significant?

From 1910 to the 1950s, the Cashmere Sanatorium was a significant medical facility in Christchurch, which saw the construction of various buildings and facilities to accommodate patients, including the Coronation Hospital. However, with advancements in medical treatment in the 1950s, the need for the sanatorium dwindled, leading to its eventual closure. Today, the sole surviving structure from the original site is a small timber shelter.

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Our Connection to The Site

David Fox at the Broad Oaks subdivision

In the early 90s, the remaining buildings on the site, including the Coronation Hospital, were demolished to make way for residential housing. This ambitious project saw the creation of the award-winning Broad Oaks housing development that Fox and Associates designed.

The hillside development comprised 280 sections covering 35 hectares, rising from the Heathcote River to the top of Huntsbury. It was certainly a challenging project that left a long, lasting impact on the city.

This subdivision set the standard in hillside developments introducing several new design features and ingenious site-specific design solutions. Fox and Associates were proud to receive the NZIS Award of Merit for our work on this project.

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