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Realising the Full Potential of Rural Land

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At Fox and Associates, we take incredible pride in serving the rural community. For over four decades, we have been at the forefront of delivering creative solutions that empower you to make the most out of your most significant asset – your land. As trusted advisors, we are committed to walking alongside you, guiding you through the complexities of red tape, and unlocking the true value and productivity of your property.

Throughout our journey, we have been fortunate to undertake numerous exceptional projects. In this blog, we are delighted to share four past case studies that exemplify our expertise and passion for rural land projects.

Sea View

Safeguarding Farming Futures: A Remarkable Success Story

In this case study, we explore how one family's innovative estate planning strategy not only secured their farming legacy but also set a precedent for future generations. With a strong determination to retain most of their farmland as a fully functional working farm while addressing their estate planning needs, the client sought our expert assistance.

Our team's expertise, experience, and profound understanding of rural land and farm dynamics allowed us to provide an array of specialised services, including comprehensive rural land and farm surveys, property investigations, resource planning, and expert navigation through the complexities of land-use and planning consents.

Read the full case study here

Beautiful Lake

Unveiling the Beauty of Wainui: A Tale of Unique Rural Land Development

Join us in Banks Peninsula, where the Jubilee Road Development emerged as a testament to our vision and expertise in rural land services. Striking a balance between the landowners' vision and strict planning regulations, we crafted nine lifestyle properties, each with approved building sites, while preserving 304 hectares of the property as a viable farming unit and safeguarding 16 hectares of pristine native vegetation under protective covenants.

Our experience and expertise in resource management planning, subdivision and land-use consents, and land and lifestyle block subdivision development turned this dream into a reality.

Read the full case study here


Preserving Nature's Treasure: The Kakanui Reserve

Located on the steep eastern slopes of Port Levy (Koukourārata) on Banks Peninsula, a remarkable conservation project unfolded. The Kakanui Reserve is a sanctuary for native bush, early urupā (cemetery), and sacred burial caves. The Rūnanga, landowners, and wider community wanted to establish a covenant to safeguard this unique and cherished area, necessitating fencing the entire 65-hectare expanse.

Our expertise in land surveying, aerial photography, and seamless coordination with various stakeholders allowed us to protect the Kakanui Reserve's natural treasures effectively.

Read the full case study here

Woodbank Road

Embracing Harmony: The Grantham Farm Project

Discover our Grantham Farm project, where the seamless coexistence of rural lifestyle spaces and traditional farming operations became a reality. The District Plan did not explicitly permit such a development, but with out-of-the-box thinking and expert planning, we forged an innovative path forward.

Drawing on our extensive expertise in land development concepts, planning, rural subdivision, land-use consents, and farm surveys, we collaborated closely with Conrad Wilkshire, Director of Grantham Farm 2006 Ltd, to create a farm park development that defied convention and maximized the land's potential.

Read the full case study here

At Fox and Associates, we take great pride in our work, and these case studies truly exemplify our unwavering dedication to delivering creative solutions and expertise in rural land projects. Whether you need farm mapping, boundary definitions, subdivision development, tenure review surveys, or resource management planning, you can trust us to navigate the red tape and unlock the full potential of your land.

If you have a rural land project in mind, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. We look forward to helping you shape a prosperous future for your land and your community.

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