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Alex Wins Professional Excellence Award

Alex Wins Professional Excellence Award

The team at Fox and Associates are delighted to announce that one of our team members, Alex Liggett, has been awarded the prestigious S+SNZ Canterbury Peg for 2023. This is a fantastic achievement and a true testament to Alex's unwavering commitment to the profession and his dedication to making a positive impact on the industry.

The Canterbury Peg Award

Presented by the Canterbury Branch of Survey and Spatial New Zealand (S+SNZ), the ‘Canterbury Peg’ is an annual Professional Excellence Award, recognising Alex’s outstanding service to the professional community and excellence in practice. This prestigious award is a cumulative achievement, celebrating years of dedicated service and contributions to the industry.

The Journey Behind the Award

Alex's journey in the Canterbury surveying community began in 2005, and over the years, he has evolved into a confident and extremely capable surveyor. Survey and Spatial New Zealand recognised Alex’s willingness to go above and beyond, dedicating his time and expertise to our industry. This includes:

  • Commitment to Professional Committees: Alex has provided past service on NZIS/S+SNZ Committees at both the branch and stream level.
  • Contributions to Industry Working Groups: Alex's ongoing, significant, and invaluable contributions to the industry Working Group for ASATS/STEP since 2020 have been instrumental in representing the views and promoting the requirements of 'real-world' surveyors as LINZ develops new Landonline.
  • Mentoring and Leadership: He has mentored and built relationships with graduates and young surveyors across the Canterbury Branch, contributing significantly to their development.
  • Advocacy and Industry Involvement: Alex has had a long involvement with the Institute of Cadstral Surveying and as well as serving as treasurer for 5 years has represented the organisation in building relationships with LINZ and other organisations as well as making detailed contributions to submissions addressing critical issues such as Cadastral Rules reviews, RMA reform, and the CSLB Competency Assessment Framework.
  • National Seminar Presentation: His presentation at a national seminar organized by S+SNZ, titled "Survey Equipment and Methods to meet Accuracy Standards for Cadastral Surveying" in May 2023, showcased his expertise and leadership.
Men Greeting

Alex's Response

When asked about this prestigious honour, Alex shared his thoughts: "I'm a bit taken aback. When I look at the other names on the peg, they're mostly people who are further along in their careers and who have made enormous and lasting contributions to the surveying community. It's a bit of a surprise to receive this award. It's also the second time someone from Fox and Associates has won it, which is neat. Craig McInnes, one of our directors and a mentor throughout my career won the award in 2019."

He continued, " It's obviously not why you do the work, but it is really nice to be recognised. The list of names on there is impressive, and I hold them in the highest esteem. I'm proud and humbled to join their ranks. This award and others such as Carl’s recent CSNZ leadership award also underscore the amount Fox & Associates puts back into our professional community – we punch way above our weight in this area.”

A Collective Commitment to Excellence

This award underscores not only Alex's dedication but also the core values of Fox and Associates as a company. Our commitment to professional excellence and community service remains unwavering. We're honoured to share in Alex's pride and consider ourselves fortunate to have him as a part of our team.

We applaud and celebrate Alex's accomplishments and the continued positive impact he will make in the field of surveying.

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