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Celebrating Spires, a Christchurch Icon

Spires Installation

Ten years ago, our team buzzed with excitement as Spires sculpture descended onto Latimer Square, instantly becoming a Christchurch landmark. Today, Spires stands as more than just a fixture, it's a symbol of the city's spirit – a testament to innovation, resilience, and community support following the Earthquakes.

Last February, Fox and Associates proudly celebrated the anniversary of the artwork’s installation.

Neil Dawson's Towering Vision

This wasn't your average sculpture. Renowned Christchurch sculptor Neil Dawson, the artist behind the iconic "Chalice" in Cathedral Square, drew inspiration from the city's iconic cathedral spire, mirroring its form in a gesture of remembrance. The creative design, however, presented a unique challenge; how to suspend a 10-metre masterpiece four metres above the ground, without it swaying in the wind?

Spires Details

Enter Fox & Associates

We relish a good challenge, especially when it involves collaborating with creative minds like Neil. Spires' intricate design and suspended nature demanded innovative solutions.

We created a complex 3D model that mapped out the sculpture and its suspension system. This precise approach helped us find the best way to hang it, ensuring stability and preventing any movement. Onsite, the installation crew, observed the meticulous process firsthand to make sure every detail was aligned and positioned correctly. Read our Legacy Project for more information.

A Community Effort

Spires wasn't just our project; it was a shared vision. From Helen Trappitt of Lewis Bradford Engineers' invaluable project management to countless volunteers who donated their time and materials, the community came together to make it happen. It was a heartwarming reminder of Christchurch's spirit.

A Legacy That Endures

Today, Spires remains a vibrant hub in Latimer Square. It's a place for families to gather, artists to draw inspiration, and visitors to connect with the city's unique story. For us at Fox & Associates, we're proud to have played our part in this iconic landmark.

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