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3D Laser Scanning

Through laser scanning, we can digitally capture an exact replica of structures, buildings and landscapes as highly accurate 3D computer models and photos.

3D laser scanning is a way to make very accurate measurements in complex settings. It’s an excellent solution for built environments and structures, producing data of a much greater density than is possible with a traditional topo survey. Buildings, complex sites, industrial sites and as-built conditions can be captured in rich detail to better inform your design, building and maintenance processes.

Alongside laser scanning, we can also utilise other surveying instruments including UAV aerial surveying, GPS and Total Stations, to capture all your spatial data requirements.

As surveying, urban design and land development specialists, we’ll give you the best advice on the right tools and technologies for your project.

How 3D laser scanning works

A laser scanner scans the surface of a structure and captures it as millions of points called a point cloud. As laser scanning collects huge amounts of data very quickly, large or complex jobs can often be completed in a short space of time.

Once the point cloud data is generated, we then use specialist software to create the 3D computer models, 2D drawings, photos, surveys, measurements, and reports you need to visualise, plan and develop your project.

Accurately visualise and explore your site in 3D from your computer.

Laser Scanning Services and Expertise

  • Built environments and structures
  • Scan to Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Modelling residential buildings including new builds, renovations and refurbishments
  • As-built conditions
  • Damage analysis and building vertical condition surveys
  • Remote measurement of out-of-reach areas
  • Geotechnical investigations of unstable or inaccessible terrain
  • Capturing and recording historic buildings and places of significance
  • Detailed modelling of industrial sites, tanks, pipelines, plant and equipment


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