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UAV Aerial Surveying and Mapping

As specialists in UAV aerial surveying and mapping, we are changing the face of professional surveying.

Helping you achieve more with your land starts with obtaining accurate, up-to-date data and information.

Large jobs that once took weeks using traditional on-the-ground surveying methods can often be completed in a fraction of the time, with more detail, richer information and at similar accuracies.

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly known as a drone) are also an ideal tool for sites such as quarries and unstable slopes that are hard to access and where it is too dangerous to send a person.

Fox and Associates have and continue to be leaders in UAV services. Our fleet of different UAVs allows us to match the most appropriate technology whether it be surveying small areas of 200 to 300m² or large areas of 25km² of land.

The Fox UAVs are equipped with a range of different sensors including high definition cameras, thermal cameras, multispectral cameras and (multi-return) LiDAR.  Each of the different sensors captures different types of data with an incredibly high level of detail, even in very challenging environments, to meet whatever your data need might be.

From these sensors, a variety of different deliverables including ortho-rectified photos, 3D surface models, point cloud data, topographical surveys, volume measurements and digital terrain models (DTM) can be provided to enable effective measuring, mapping and managing of your land and its resources.

Advantages of working with FOX

Fox and Associates were one of the first companies to obtain Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) PART 102 Certification, which is currently the highest level of UAV Operator Certification in New Zealand.

Part 102 enables Fox and Associates to operate in certain environments and areas that other operators are not legally permitted to operate in. In addition, our robust procedures and safety systems provide our clients with confidence and protect them from exposure to liability issues.

The Fox and Associates’ commercial grade UAVs are designed and made in New Zealand by Altus UAS. Having a fleet of UAV’s each with slightly different capabilities and safety features allows us to select the most appropriate unit for the project. It also allows us to have back up should the need arise.

We use ‘multi-rotor’ UAVs as this gives us the advantage of being able to hover in one spot, rotate 360 degrees or fly in a grid within your property or defined area. This makes them super practical for use in complex, irregular or dangerous sites.  Some of our UAV units also have long duration flight times allowing us to undertake large-scale missions.

All our UAV surveying and mapping projects are managed by our UAV team: Carl (Chief Pilot), Morgan and Jesse (Operating Pilots). The team are passionate about the work and will happily provide advice and guidance to make your project a success.

Fox and Associates are excited at being at the forefront of the changing face of professional surveying.

“It's only when you're flying above it that you realise how incredible the Earth really is.” Philippe Perrin

UAV Aerial Surveying Services and Expertise

  • Large topographical surveys
  • Earthworks and quarry site surveys
  • Irrigation and infrastructure
  • Mapping projects
  • Farm mapping

Discover how we are changing the face of professional surveying.
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Contact Details

Email :

Phone : 0800 369 787 (0800 FOXSURVEY)
+64 3 903 2770

Postal Address:
PO Box 895
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Office Locations

Christchurch Office:

195 Peterborough Street
Christchurch 8013

Ashburton Office:

AON House, 2 Queens Drive
Allenton, Ashburton 7700

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