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Good Things Take Time

In 2011 Paddy Cotter of Te Wharau Investments Ltd (TWI) approached Craig McInnes and Alex Liggett (then working for a previous employer) to undertake a survey of their title at the corner of Aikmans and Papanui Roads in Merivale, Christchurch. One of the buildings on the site had been damaged beyond repair in the 2011…

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Happy Clients, Happy Us! Celebrating Our NPS Score

Fox and Associates

The team at Fox & Associates believes in clear communication and exceeding expectations. That’s why we listen closely to our clients. One way we ensure we’re on the right track is through regular Net Promoter Score® (NPS) surveys. Recently, we surveyed clients who utilised our services in the past six months. And we’re thrilled to…

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Celebrating Spires, a Christchurch Icon

Spires Installation

Ten years ago, our team buzzed with excitement as Spires sculpture descended onto Latimer Square, instantly becoming a Christchurch landmark. Today, Spires stands as more than just a fixture, it’s a symbol of the city’s spirit – a testament to innovation, resilience, and community support following the Earthquakes. Last February, Fox and Associates proudly celebrated…

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Beyond the Tracks: Our Otira Tunnel Scanning Project

The 100-year-old Otira Railway Tunnel running under the Southern Alps between Arthurs Pass and the West Coast is an important piece of NZ’s transport infrastructure, carrying around 70 trains every week – mostly transporting coal from the mines of the West Coast to the port at Lyttelton.   When it opened in 1923 the 8.5km tunnel…

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Alex Wins Professional Excellence Award

Alex Wins Professional Excellence Award

The team at Fox and Associates are delighted to announce that one of our team members, Alex Liggett, has been awarded the prestigious S+SNZ Canterbury Peg for 2023. This is a fantastic achievement and a true testament to Alex’s unwavering commitment to the profession and his dedication to making a positive impact on the industry.…

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Fox and Associates Wins Prestigious CSNZ Leadership Award

Carl Fox received the CSNZ Leadership Award at the 2023 S+SNZ Awards.

Congratulations Carl! We’re excited to celebrate some great news! On September 13, 2023, our Managing Director, Carl Fox, was honoured with the prestigious CSNZ Leadership Award at the 2023 S+SNZ Awards. The CSNZ Leadership Award stands as a true testament to Carl’s extraordinary leadership skills and his impactful contributions to both our company and the…

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Realising the Full Potential of Rural Land

Website & blog banners

At Fox and Associates, we take incredible pride in serving the rural community. For over four decades, we have been at the forefront of delivering creative solutions that empower you to make the most out of your most significant asset – your land. As trusted advisors, we are committed to walking alongside you, guiding you…

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Mitigating Dam Risks with Fox & Associates

Dam Safety Monitoring

Dam Safety in New Zealand: An Overview In a time when severe rainfall and flooding events are in the news seemingly every week, one aspect of New Zealand’s waterways that gets less media attention is its many dams. There are thousands of dams throughout the country, from vast hydro-electric dams to the small stock water…

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Setting the Bar High: First CSD Impresses LINZ

First cadastral survey dataset Impresses LINZ

We are delighted to share some exciting news about Maciej Wozniak, who has achieved a milestone in his career as a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. Maciej recently submitted his very first cadastral survey dataset (CSD) to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) for validation. Maciej’s work received high praise from LINZ, with his survey being rated a…

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Expert Guidance in the Face of New Dam Regulations

Survey technician standing on the banks of Opuha Dam

This article was featured in Business Rural Autumn 2023.  With new dam legislation coming into effect next year, landowners with significant water bodies or structures on their property will need to be prepared. These regulations aim to prevent dam failures, which could have devastating consequences for communities downstream. New dam legislation requires landowners to take…

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