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Client Function 2020 – Coming together over gelato and drinks

Fox and Associates

At our annual client function in February, friends of Fox & Associates came together to have a drink, enjoy some gelato and catch up. Carl and Phil talked about what we got up to in 2019 and introduced some of our new capabilities. And, as he always does, David delighted us with one of his…

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Hagley Oval was a close run thing

Hagley Oval

As a citizen of our lovely city and an active participant in the court-hearing brought on by the Hands off Hagley zealots, I was able to witness at close quarters the machinations of these determined opponents as they sought to derail the development of Hagley Oval and if not increase the costs of any development.…

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The 9 must-know steps for successful medium density developments

Well-designed, medium density developments are inspiring, vibrant and functional spaces for communities to live, work and call home. They can also provide better returns for developers and investors because attractive developments are quicker to sell and often have higher resale values. Unlocking the potential in a medium density development requires a balance of science, art,…

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Resource Management Amendments 2013

Looks like there is some progress in dealing with our bureaucratic and costly planning system… The Resource Management Act was brought into play in 1991 with the purpose of regulating development and protecting the environment.  It was to be effects based, and so free up and enable development to proceed where the effects on the environment…

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The case for: TEST CRICKET ON HAGLEY OVAL (at last!)

By David Fox. The Environmental Court judge, Jane Borthwick, whom I found to be very impressive and very astute, issued on the 13th of August the substantive part of her decision in respect of Canterbury Cricket’s application for Test Cricket to be played on Hagley Oval. The Judge heard evidence from: the case put by…

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Burnside West Presidents Grade Cricket Team 2012/2013 Winners!

By David Fox. I was passionate enough about the game to spend many hours earlier this year as a Sec. 274 party pushing the case for Hagley Oval to become a venue for Test Cricket (I just couldn’t bear the thought of the naysayers winning and me not having done my bit to try and achieve a positive…

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Development Contributions Review

Here at Fox & Associates we talk about Development Contributions quite a lot.  It’s certainly one of the first things we discuss with clients as they contemplate a development.  The charges are often significantly more than our own professional fees. You might have seen our previous blog about them here: We have often thought…

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The LURP – What is this? Where did it come from?

The Resource Management Act which came into force in 1991 was meant to streamline and expedite development BUT 20 years on we all know how time consuming, how litigious and how expensive anything to do with the granting of Resource Consents and the resolution of planning matters can be. Councillors and local government staff must…

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Test Cricket in Christchurch? Why? Why Not!

By David Fox The battle as to whether or not Hagley Oval will be upgraded for Test and International Cricket is now in the hands of Judge Jane Borthwick. The “Save Hagley“ group (and oh, this begs the question, save it from what?!) changed its name to “Hands off Hagley”.  The passionate opposition includes Gary…

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Demise of the PWC

Our old office block (Price Waterhouse Coopers Building) recently starred on TV because demolition has finally commenced. The PWC is (was) the largest office building in Christchurch so it is with regret we say goodbye to the building but also an era of high rise office accomodation. The recent M5.2 quake saw us enter…

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