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Meet Bathycat – USV Technology

Fox Associate

Our new unmanned survey catamaran designed to complete bathymetric surveys From air to land and now water! As specialists in land and aerial surveying, we’re delighted to announce that we can now complete water spatial measurement surveys. Bathycat is a portable unmanned survey catamaran designed to complete bathymetric and hydrographic surveys. For those unfamiliar with…

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Messing around in boats

Jesse in the boat with the depthsounder at Lake Hood

“There is nothing… half so much worth doing as simply messing around in boats” Kenneth Graham – Wind in the Willows. We recently had the team messing around in boats at a couple of sites. However, instead of towing a waterskier they had a depthsounder behind them.  The projects required us to get levels inside…

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More on that Geoid Measuring satellite

Further to my previous post about Geoid Measurements by Satellite the European Space Agency has now released a video showing the geoid model in glorious spinning-around 3D.  Yes, it does look a bit like a newly dug spud.   There’s also an excellent discussion of the project at the BBC website with an explanation of…

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Geoid Measurements by Satellite

The European Space Agency has been doing a survey of the worlds gravity field using a satellite, and they’ve produced this world map showing the results. I’m not a geo-physicist, but it’s interesting to see the blue area just South of India. A dip like this means that any satellites circling the globe would pass…

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Location as a commodity

Recently there’s been a rise in the use of GPS in the marketplace.  We’ve all seen in-car navigation systems, where the combination of a GPS receiver, intelligent map data and user-friendly software in a compact package makes for a incredibly useful product.

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