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Expert Guidance in the Face of New Dam Regulations

Survey technician standing on the banks of Opuha Dam

This article was featured in Business Rural Autumn 2023.  With new dam legislation coming into effect next year, landowners with significant water bodies or structures on their property will need to be prepared. These regulations aim to prevent dam failures, which could have devastating consequences for communities downstream. New dam legislation requires landowners to take…

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Seven Oaks School – Inspiring, engaging and nurturing young minds

Fox Associate

By David Fox The opportunity to lend my expertise to the Seven Oaks School redevelopment has led to one of my personal favourite projects in recent years. Seven Oaks founder Bruce McIntyre, who became a good friend, had a vision to move the school from its original location in Opawa to a new location in…

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Resource Management Amendments 2013

Looks like there is some progress in dealing with our bureaucratic and costly planning system… The Resource Management Act was brought into play in 1991 with the purpose of regulating development and protecting the environment.  It was to be effects based, and so free up and enable development to proceed where the effects on the environment…

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Development Contributions Review

Here at Fox & Associates we talk about Development Contributions quite a lot.  It’s certainly one of the first things we discuss with clients as they contemplate a development.  The charges are often significantly more than our own professional fees. You might have seen our previous blog about them here: We have often thought…

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National Environment Standard

National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health At the start of this year The Ministry for the Environment introduced the new National Environmental Standard (NES) for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health came into force.  This NES relates to land which is actually or…

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2010 Survey Rules

The Survey Rules are the government reguations controlling how boundary surveys are carried out.  These rules have recently been revised primarily to take advantage of new technologies and a number of changes of varying significance have been introduced.  These changes will affect how we carry out our work and some of these changes will also…

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Earthquakes and Boundaries

There’s been some discussion in The Press this week about boundaries, and what happens when they move after an earthquake.  When you see pictures like this one you can understand why… Here’s a letter to the editor on Wed, Sept 8, from Ross Elliot: “Can someone urgently inform us what happens to property rights when…

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Unit Titles Act Grows Up

The original Unit Titles Act was introduced over 35 years ago, and while it serves well for smaller developments, the rules have created issues for large or complex developments, allowing owner conflicts to stall maintenance, or not being flexible enough when developers want to be innovative.  The new Act focuses on rules surrounding the management of…

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