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Legacy Project: 3D Mapping Arthur’s Pass

3D Mapping Arthur’s Pass

Travellers heading down through the Otira Gorge along SH73 are usually too preoccupied with the dramatic scenery or with staying safely inside their lane on the steep and winding road to think about where the boundaries of the road might lie. There are generally no fences or other features to denote exactly where the State…

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And the winners are… | NZSEA Technical Excellence Awards

NZSEA Technical Excellence Award

NZSEA Technical Excellence Award Winners 2019A highlight of 2019 was our win at the NZ Spatial Excellence Awards. We are the proud recipients of the Technical Excellence Award for aerial mapping for disease detection in potato crops. Thanks to the Fox Team, our client Resson and to the NZSEA for this phenomenal award! To learn…

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UAV LiDAR – making the invisible visible!

Imagine discovering ancient Mayan cities hidden for centuries beneath dense foliage in the northern jungles of Guatemala. Sounds like a scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. But thanks to a remote sensing and mapping technology called LiDAR (short for Light Detection and Ranging), archaeologists were able to digitally remove the thick Guatemalan…

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