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Aerial Mapping and precision farming for potatoes

 Potato disease monitoring project

The Challenge

Resson (a Canadian multinational data analytics company) provides precision agricultural services through machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies in crops. Resson required large quantities of imagery (6000 daily), timely (within 12 hours of capture) and a cost-effective supply of ultra-high-resolution imagery (≤ 0.5mm/pixel) this being 30-60x better than typical industry aerial imagery resolutions of 15-30mm/pixel.

Our Expertise

Originally founded by qualified land surveyors (measurement and spatial specialists) Fox & Associates have, since entering the aerial surveying market in 2015 continued to be leaders in the New Zealand UAV market by continually expanding our skills, certification and fleet of commercial-grade UAV units with high quality interchangeable sensors

“Resson is a world leading analytics provider in the Precision Agriculture Industry and our key requirements for imagery providers are timely delivery of high-quality data. It has been great working with Fox and Associates who have been able to provide creative solutions to deliver ultra-high-resolution, quality data through their technical skill and investment in high end technology. Thanks guys”

David Simmonds, Resson

The Solution

A combination of new technology, technical skills and workflow was required. We acquired and customised the available technology:

  • Heavy load capability RPAS unit able to fly for 2-3 times normal industry flight times.
  • Large resolution camera with long focal length lens.
  • Terrain following technology.

New technical skills and alternative mission flight planning methodologies were developed to make the most of the technology. Robust workflows and inhouse software coding were required to modify the captured data to fit with the client’s existing data sharing and workflow processes.

The Result

We delivered what 40 other consultants worldwide had not been able to deliver – a consistent supply of timely, high quality, ultra-high-resolution imagery allowing Resson to develop their industry leading algorithm-based solutions for Precision Agriculture.

The benefits this information provides farmers with:

  • Early detection of diseases meaning lower crop losses.
  • Accurate and detailed mapping of crops allowing for effective prescription plans for application of sprays and fertilisers meaning lower costs and higher yields.

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