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Project: Spires Sculpture

Through collaboration with a team of passionate professionals, we helped bring this inspiring artwork to Christchurch for all to enjoy.

The Challenge

The Spires Sculpture is a ten-metre-tall sculpture designed by renowned Christchurch artist Neil Dawson. It depicts the Christchurch Cathedral spire reflected upon itself – serving as a memory of the old cathedral and as a link to the Transitional Cathedral.

The sculpture was to be suspended four metres above the ground. Due to the challenges posed by the unique design, Fox and Associates were enlisted to provide professional advice on how to best suspend the sculpture.

Our Expertise

Services provided included producing a complex 3-dimensional mathematical design showing how to suspend the sculpture, and assisting with installation.

The Solution

Due to the sculpture’s unique shape, it was a difficult task deciding the best way to suspend it. We produced a 3-dimensional mathematical design, which was used to find the optimal suspension solution, allowing the installers to successfully suspend the sculpture.

We also helped with the siting of the sculpture at Latimer Square. We ensured the sculpture was correctly positioned; that it was vertical and central within the four support columns.

The Result

It was a pleasure donating our time to help bring this incredible project to the people of Christchurch through expert mathematical design and creative solutions.

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